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Fruit Season

Strawberries: Mid June-early July

Raspberries: July

​Blackberries: July

​Blueberries: Late July-August

Peaches: Coming Late Summer 2017-2018

​Apples: Coming Fall 2017-2018

Strawberry Varieties

A.C. Wendy is our earliest strawberry variety.  These berries are of medium size.  They have firm, bright red colored flesh, and excellent fresh strawberry flavor.  A farmers favorite!

Annapolis strawberries are high quality, large berries that maintain their size throughout the growing season.

Earliglow "Wonderful strawberry flavor" is Earliglows's trademark.  This variety produces fruit that is of medium size. Its sweet flavor makes the variety excellent for fresh eating and freezing.

Cavendish produces a very large berry, with great flavor.  Our personal favorite for filling up the freezer!

Daroyal produces a quickly ripening berry, with excellent flavor.  Ideal for fresh eating!

Honeoye is a large, attractive berry with fantastic freezing qualities.  Produces great berries throughout the season.

L'amour and Darselect are large, sweet berries that are perfect for fresh eating.

A. C. Valley Sunset is a large, firm berry that produces late in the season.